Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville originally opened in 1932 and now operates in three locations in Jacksonville, Florida; Ponte Vedra, Julington Creek, and Hodges. We are committed to helping patients ranging from newborns to 21. Today, Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville is led by Dr. Aylin Ozdemir or known as ‘Dr. O’ to her patients. Dr. O was the winner of the 2011 and 2012 Patients’ Choice Award, which is a distinction received by less than five percent of America’s practicing physicians. Dr. O is a graduate of the Integrative Medicine fellowship led by Dr. Andrew Weil at The University of Arizona. The Integrative Practice of combining traditional and alternative medicine distinguishes her from every other General Practitioner in the State of Florida.

Come see why parents and kids love Dr. O!  We are always accepting new patients.

Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville | Focus on Health

Focus on Health

  • Integrative medical services for children and young adults
  • Concierge medical consultations for severe and/or chronic conditions
  • Educate patients on methods to improve wellbeing
  • Communicate directly with medical professionals through the patient portal

Traditional & Holistic

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Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville | Kid's Connect

Kids Connect

We offer Kids Connect classes that facilitate play, social interaction in a social skill group, home school groups, parenting classes, special education evaluation, and instructional tutoring.

Dr. Aylin Ozdemir | Dr. O

Obtain Health

ObtainHealth is the umbrella organization and brainchild of Dr.O. It encapsulates more than 25 years of working with patients, research, integrative medicine education and dialogue with colleagues to create one cohesive vision. Her practice of personalized medicine is driven by one crystal clear vision: to heal the nation one family at a time.