Bio Regulation Therapy (BRT) is the next phase of integrative and functional approaches to health and wellness. BRT uses advanced technology and innate biological communication processes to support, optimize, and regulate the body at the cellular level – helping to expedite the natural healing process and restore overall balance.

Cellular communication and signalling is critical for the synchronization of all biochemical processes and as such also to maintaining overall health, slowing the aging process and dealing with the symptoms and effects of cell deterioration and disease.

BRT Information Sheet

BRT employs low intensity signals to reach cells by creating a gentle, extremely-low-intensity (ELI) electromagnetic field (EMF) that enables extra-corporal communication for the body’s own self-regulation signals and as such re-connects different biological units in the organism and triggers healing process.

BRT can be used to help a variety of specific imbalances and conditions, as well as preventively to maintain overall balance and wellness.

BRT Clinical applications have been proven to provide benefits in:

  • Medical conditions: allergies, muscle and bone health, etc.
  • Sports medicine: performance, injuries and recovery)
  • Overall health and wellness: improves circulation, increases vitality, enhances sleep and relaxation, mood balancing, decreases inflammation etc.

BRT Lenyo Devices

Lenyo Devices are extremely low intensity (ELI) PEMF devices with complex frequency signatures. Lenyo BRT uses PEMF as a delivery mechanism for the signals.

Total range of modulation:

  • frequency: 1 Hz – 1 MHz
  • intensity: 1 picoTesla – 10 microTesla
  • duration of the same signal without modulation: <0,02 second
  • total duration of a session: <75 minutes


1. Lenyo CellCom (LCC)

Lenyo Cell Communicator is a Biofeedback Class II Medical Device Registered with FDA.
(Product Code: HCC. Category: Neurology. Product Listing number: 174852)

The LCC is a non-invasive biofeedback device that captures and selectively modulates the organism’s own electromagnetic field in order to help the transmission of body’s own inner communications and support it’s recovery or balancing process. It can be used to support recovery from a wide range of imbalances and help to maintain overall wellness.

2. Lenyo Sano Center (LSC)

Lenyo Sano Center is a Class I Medical Device registered with FDA.
(Product Code: ISA. Product Listing number: D174868)

The LSC is a non-invasive therapy device. It is designed as an advanced centrally managed system. The LSC unifies and manages multiple program sessions for up to 64 therapy units for typically up to 16 users/patients simultaneously. LSC features session advance preparation and scheduling.


Device Disclaimer:  Lenyo Devices are not designed to diagnose or treat specific diseases. They however provide general benefits recognized for biofeedback and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices such as normalizing circulation, promoting relaxation, reducing inflammation, enabling the normalization of cell membrane potential etc.

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