Our mission is to improve the lives of children and their families by providing an integrative approach to healthcare, which balances traditional medicine with complete nutrition, mindfulness, spirituality, and education.

Become the global leader in Integrative Medicine.

1. Optimal Health
Optimal health is a perfect equilibrium between the person and the universe.
2. The Healing Power of Love
The healing power of love is only transmitted to others if one loves himself or herself first.
3. Wholeness
Wholeness is an integrated approach & understanding illness is never an isolated event.
4. Prevention and Treatment
Prevention and Treatment can only mitigate the causes by connecting the person to the universe. The answer is in nature.
5. Innate Healing Power
Innate healing power manifests itself once a person connects with the surrounding positive energy fields and the fruits of nature.
6. Integration of Health Systems
The power of healing is fully manifested when it includes spirituality, mindfulness, cognitive control, and the need for sensory control such as manual medicine, education, nutrition, and conventional systems, if needed.
7. Relationship-Centered Care
Our focus is on sharing, transmitting, and exchanging healing energy.
8. Individuality
When we value the individual as unique, the end results are satisfying and priceless.
9. Teaching by Example
If it is to be, it begins with me.
10. Learning Opportunities
Our experience has taught us that no matter how rough the ride can be, the journey can still be magical.